July 30, 2019

FOA Board Minutes  2019 – 2020

Meeting Notes:  July 30, 2019 

Members Present [x] / Not Present: [  ]

XRoland Chong, PresidentXJoseph Passantino, Principal

XKrystyna Watanabe, 1st VPXDarcie Kawamura, Secretary

XKhrystyn Huynh, Treasurer

  1. Call to Order: 5:49 PM
  2. New, Old, Pending Business
    1. Special Student Funds Request
      1. Approved $10 per student and minimum of $100 for 5 classes
      2. The 5 classes to receive funding provides whole school academic support, whole school behavior support, medically fragile class, preschool and English language learning.
      3. Reviewed form, and copies will be prepared to be distributed to teachers.
      4. Date to submit receipts will be the end of December.

    2. Request to Support Part-Time Technology Teacher Position
      1. Ali’iolani will hire a part-time technology teacher given the school’s 1-to-1 technology environment
      2. The part-time teacher rate is $13.43 per hour at 19 hours per week.
      3. Motion approved to provide additional funding for this position of approximately $2,700 for the year
      4. to be paid in monthly increments after confirmation of work hours.

    3. Request for Funds 
      1. RFF for $188.50 received from Naomi Iwamoto for reimbursement for JPO trophies at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.
      2.  RFF approved and applied to 2019-2020 budget.

    4.  2019-2020 Budget
      1. Initially estimating $5050 but it will change with anticipated costs for the annual PTSA conference and Special Student Fund requests to be submitted by teachers.
      2. Still needs to be finalized after the above costs are confirmed
  3. Treasurer’s Reports
    1. The June Treasurer’s report showed the true balance as of 6/30/19 is $19,763.81.
    2. The May Treasurer’s report was also shared at the meeting.
  1. Schedule of Events for the school year (dates subject to change)
    1. Monday, August 5: Meet & Greet in the Cafeteria at 8 AM & membership drive
    2. Friday, August 23: Movie Night
    3. Friday, October 25: Halloween Trunk or Treat Activity
    4. Thursday, December 5: Kaimuki Christmas Parade
    5. Friday, December 13: Gingerbread House Activity
    6. Thursday, April 9: Easter Egg Hunt (tentatively during lunch)
    7.  Possible May Day event: date to be determined
    8. Thursday, May 28: end of year bounce house activity
    9. TBD: Color Run event
    10. TBD: End of the Year Movie Night

  2. Fundraising Activities
    1. September: to be determined, possibly Jamba Juice fundraiser card
    2.  Craft Fair in November & December (1st Saturdays of the month): sell bottled water along with Student Council
    3. Possibility of selling Baldwin snack packs
    4. Other fundraising activities to be explored

  3. Topics for follow-up at next meeting: FOA website, fundraisers, budget

  4. Adjournment
    1. Next meeting: Monday, August 12, 2019 (2nd Monday of each month)
    2. Time ended: 6:52 PM