FOA Board Officers

2019-2020 Officers

President: Roland Chong

  • Organizes and facilitates various FOA meetings throughout the year
  • Prepares FOA meeting agendas and presides over all meetings
  • Attends regional meeting or appoints an Executive Board member to attend
  • Is the “point” person for communicating with the Principal and school office manager, and therefore has first-hand information regarding any changes or issues related to the school
  • Has direct input on how the FOA spends its funds
  • Coordinates the general activities of any Special Committees created by the Board
  • Acts as a liaison between the FOA and the business community
  • This is a great position to get to know the office staff, teachers, Principal and the many volunteers for the FOA

1st Vice President of Membership: Krystyna Watanabe

  • Encourages families to sign up for the FOA by raising awareness about the benefits of FOA membership to the school, as well as to students and their families
  • Acts as an aide to the President
  • Perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer
  • Collects membership payments and turns them into the Treasurer
  • Maintains a membership roster
  • Files membership meeting for the school year
  • Has a presence at the School Open House and School Meet and Greet to provide parents with information about FOA membership
  • Helps coordinate publication and distribution of the School directory, which is available to all FOA members

2nd Vice President of Fundraising: Vacant

  • Recruits and coordinates with committee owners who support fundraising – i.e. all passive income
  • Gathers all fundraising data and presents it to the Board
  • Sets-up presentations of vendors
  • In charge of obtaining the prizes and incentives for fundraisers
  • Manages fundraising campaigns
  • Works with the Treasurer to track and validate fundraising budget line items
  • Provides tax documentation to donors, where applicable, for charitable contributions made to the FOA
  • Coordinates with the PCNC (or whoever manages the FOA website) to update the website on all fundraising activities and affiliate promotions
  • Coordinates with the School to update the Ali’iolani Elementary School website on all fundraising activities and affiliate promotions

3rd Vice President of Events: Vacant

Treasurer: Khrystyn Huynh

  • Performs all financial accounting of the FOA including its membership fees and program profits
  • Receives and deposits money and disburses it according to the approved annual budget
  • Present at all FOA events where money will be collected
  • Prepares financial reports for each FOA meeting
  • Maintains records of all cash and/or checks received and retains copies of all receipts and remittance advices as documentation and support for all deposits made
  • Pays all bills as authorized by the fiscal budget and approved by the Board
  • Forwards all State and National dues to the Hawaii State PTSA
  • Presents a proposed budget for approval at the General Meeting and closes the books at the end of each year
  • Files tax returns and other government forms with the CPA
  • The past Treasurer serves in an advisory capacity to the newly elected Treasurer when needed

Secretary: Darcie Kawamura

  • Reminds Board of upcoming FOA meetings through email and collects agenda items
  • Prepares and photocopies agenda for meetings
  • Brings sign in sheet to FOA meetings to record members present at meetings
  • Brings up previous months agendas at meetings for approval
  • Takes minutes in a set format at all FOA meetings and distributes through email to the Board
  • Reviews bank statements to verify input/output of expenses
  • Keeps a print-out copy of all agendas and minutes in binder

Events: Vacant

  • Acts as PTA point person for all PTA-sponsored school events.
  • Oversees PTA events held throughout the school year.
  • Recruits chairpeople for each event chair committees
  • Provides support to event chair committees and their volunteers throughout the school year.
  • Review current events and evaluate new opportunities and proposals.
  • This PTA Board position may be filled by two individuals as Events Co-Chairs.

PCNC (Parent Community Network Center): Vacant

  • Communicates with parents via the FOA website regarding FOA events, as well as general school and district information
  • Maintains the FOA website and keeps content up to date
  • Assists in writing FOA newsletter submissions and other parent communications when needed
  • Addresses questions that parents submit via the website, directing them to the appropriate board member if necessary
  • Responsible for FOA volunteer appreciation event

Web Master

  • Design and maintain/update the Friends Of Ali’iolani website (
  • Work with the Board, committee chairs, school administration, and general membership to solicit PTA and school-related content for the site.
  • Ensure all content posted on the site is up-to-date and relevant. NOTE: Ensure the PTA has received express written consent from parents and guardians to post photos on the website where students and/or adults are identifiable.
  • Attend PTA Board and General Meetings

Committee Chairs:

Movie Night:

Meet and Greet:

Halloween Trunk-or-Treat:

Kaimuki Christmas Parade:

Gingerbread House Making:

Teacher Appreciation Week:

Principal: Joseph Passantino

Teacher Rep: Laurie Chang

Teacher Rep: Chelsie Matsuoka